1 | Who is Health Matching Account Services?

Health Matching Account Services, Inc. (HMAS®) is based in Houston, Texas and is the exclusive provider of Health Matching Account products consisting of the HMRA® program for employers and the HMA® Medical Benefits Account for individuals and families. Both the HMA® and HMRA® programs are medical savings account and reimbursement programs that award increasing, monthly, medical benefits to assist both employers and employees in bringing down their first-dollar, out-of-pocket, medical costs. HMAS® is a privately-managed, financial services company and first-dollar, medical cost-containment company that is committed to bringing down the cost of health care in the group and individual markets.

HMAS® is expanding its reach and forming partnerships with some of the largest brokers, benefit agencies and administrators all across the country in the ERISA market to promote its revolutionary, Health Matching Reimbursement Account HMRA® program for employers and the HMA® Medical Benefits Account for individuals and families. The directors and founders bring over a century of experience in the life and health services industry. The founders are former owners of one of the largest independent companies in the southwest United States.

2 | How does HMAS® award the HMA® account crediting and how are the medical benefits protected?

This medical savings account product was designed for implementation by one of the most renowned life and health services actuarial firms in the world today. Health Matching  Accounts utilize in-depth pooling and claims frequency analysis to determine the rate of growth on contributions that can be awarded monthly into member account balances. The  Health Matching Account Services claims exposure is capped at each participant’s account balance, and these balances can be used to pay for most qualified, 213 (d) and approved, elective medical expenses up to the HMA® account balance at the time of the claim. HMA® accounts can be used to pay for medical expenses and contain no cash value. In addition, the HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card is issued pursuant to a license from Visa® USA Inc.

3 | Does the HMA® program require participants to purchase a high deductible health insurance plan?

No. Unlike a traditional Health Savings Account (HSA), the HMA® is not required to be complemented by a high deductible health plan (HDHP). In fact, the benefits that build in an individual and family’s HMA® account balance can provide the vehicle to help allow individuals and families the ability to ease their way into high deductible health plans in order to lower their fixed, monthly premium costs. This is due to the fact that the HMA® Medical Benefits Account will be covering a larger portion of the owner’s out-of-pocket, medical expenses. Although the individual or family may choose to have a HDHP, it is not required.

4 | What happens when the HMA® account balance reaches its target account balance cap?

Once the HMA® individual or family plan account balance reaches its predetermined, account balance cap, the participant is no longer required to make their full, monthly HMA® contributions and only maintenance fees are required until a reimbursement is made that uses the HMA® Medical Benefits Account as payment. The owner will once again make a HMA® account balance contribution the subsequent month following any usage of the HMA® Medical Reimbursement Card to pay for medical expenses.

5 | What if HMA® owners want to change their contribution amount or paid-up target account balance?

HMA® contribution levels are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate anyone seeking to build their own medical savings account and significantly reduce their health care expense obligations by pre-funding their out-of-pocket, health care costs through the HMA® Medical Benefits Account. Health Matching Account Services offers a variety of different levels of HMA® contribution programs with corresponding target account balance caps ranging from $2,500 all the way up to $60,000 per participant or family.

The HMA® program provides participants with the ability to adjust both their monthly contribution amounts and target caps in order to scale up their HMA® benefits as they see fit. This means that If the HMA® participant wishes to increase their monthly contribution level and its corresponding, target account balance cap, they will be permitted to do so one time per month.

6 | If the Employer is contributing to an employee’s HMA® account, is the HMA® owned by the employee?

Yes, and the HMA® would be portable in this situation as well as if the individual employee was sponsoring it on their own.

7 | How do I access my HMA® benefits to pay for medical expenses?

Each HMA® owner, whether it be a family or individual, will always be provided with their own personalized HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card, which can be used and swiped at the point of service to pay for qualifying medical expenses including MD elective procedures. For any other HMA® qualifying medical expenses that cannot be processed by swiping the HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card, these expenses will  be covered on a mail-in reimbursement basis when an original, itemized receipt is submitted within 30 days of the procedure.

8 | What medical expenses can be covered with my HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card?

The HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card covers most 213 (d) medical expenses by swiping your card at the point-of-service. These expenses include pharmacy and drug store purchases as well as doctor and hospital visits, dental, vision and chiropractic (subject to limitations) among others. In addition, your HMA® account can also be used to pay for elective procedures (with MD surgeons only) such as plastic surgery, lasik and fertility procedures.

9 | What services are not eligible to be paid for or reimbursed with the HMA®?

  • Drugs, Alcohol Or Any Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Over The Counter Medicine Including Non-Rx Prescriptions
  • Non-prescription Purchases At Pharmacies
  • Payments To Medical Collection Agencies And Any Provider Asking For Payments Past 30 Days Of The Date Of Service Or 90 Days For A Hospital Service
  • Health Care Financial Consultants
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Supplements
  • Elective Procedures Not Performed By An MD
  • Annual Memberships For Dental Expenses Or Primary Care
  • Annual, Semi-annual Or Quarterly Membership Fee Payments For Direct Primary Care Or Concierge Medical Services
  • Cosmetic Or Other Elective Procedures Not Performed By Medical Doctors (MD), Doctor Of Osteopathy (DO), Doctors Of Psychology, Dentist (DDS Or DMD), Optometrists (OD), Podiatrists (DPM)
  • The HMA® Will Not Cover And Reimburse Any Payment Plans Set Up For Any Outstanding Past, Present Or Future MD, Dental Or Hospital Bills

The HMA® is not health insurance.
The HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card is issued pursuant to a license from the Visa® U.S.A Inc.
Card may not be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.
See Cardholder Agreement for list of eligible goods, services and merchants.